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to Awaken Peace in Your Life

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Mastering Your Emotions

Our emotions are an integral and essential element of our human lives. Every choice we make is fueled by our emotions, either consciously or unconsciously. This course offers insight into our emotions' nature, how they affect our physiology and practical strategies for navigating this vital part of our human experience. Turning to the fields of psychology and ayurveda, we will explore the realm of our emotions through the metaphor of the Guest House as presented by the great Sufi poet, Rumi. You'll learn tools for soothing the nervous system, as well as a 6-step strategy to assist you in mastering any of these unexpected visitors in your emotional world.

Journey Through Consciousness With Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a practice that invites us to experience deep rest—to soften and truly connect with our core essence, our True Nature. As we do so, we will recalibrate our nervous system—we invite ease into the body, and peace into the heart. We step away from the feelings of stuckness, anxiety, overwhelm and fear as we come to experience a deeper connection not only to True Self—but to the world, and to the divine. In this 10-session course, you will walk gently down the path of conscious sleep into the realm of deep rest.

The Power Of Gratitude To Enrich Your Life

This course is a transformational journey through the landscape of gratitude. Over the span of this 10-session course you will build a greater understanding of the power of gratitude and how it can enrich your life. Through education sessions to engage and satisfy your intellect, and guided practices to offer a fully embodied experience, you will learn how to cultivate your habits of gratitude to increase joy, hope, and love in day-to-day life.

Cracking the Self-Care Code

Experience a new understanding of self-care as you go beneath the surface and uncover how to recognize what is happening beneath the surface in body, mind, and spirit when we are feeling out of balance, overwhelmed, disconnected, and facing illness.

The Secret of Gratitude

Discover the secret to abundance, joy, belonging, and healing through the power of gratitude.

The Awaken Program

Ignite your personal power through the wisdom of your body.

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The Seasonal Reset

Awaken to your natural rhythms and transition through the

seasons with ease.

April 3rd through the 17th, 2021