Awaken to your natural rhythms and transition

through the seasons with ease.


The AwakenPeace Seasonal Reset is An Ayurveda Cleanse to Renew the Body and Refresh the Mind. It welcomes you to take a break from the chaos and release the heaviness of the past season so you can clear space for the new.

The Seasonal Reset allows you to release what you don't need so that you can return to the heart of who you are and how you want to feel.

The Seasonal Reset with Dr. Patty Hlava is a self-guided, 2-week program that walks you through the process of an Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse.  It welcomes you to take a break from the busyness and release the heaviness of the past season.

In this program, you will:
  • change your relationship with food

  • improve your digestion

  • increase your mental clarity

  • stabilize your energy

  • gain an understanding of your unique constitution

  • develop insight into patterns that keep you stuck

  • learn strategies to overcome self-sabotage patterns

At the close of this program, you will understand how you can live in alignment with the seasons to best support your health throughout the upcoming seasons. You will also have reflection practices and resources to look back on and use to support you on your journey.

Join Patty each spring and fall to be guided and nourished in a supportive cleanse experience from the comfort of your own home!

Available every Spring and Fall!

What people are saying

Why Reset?


  • You know our modern pace requires slowing down and pausing for balance.

  • You want to rid yourself of physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins in the body.

  • You want to avoid burnout and gain more energy, clarity, & vitality.

  • You want to change old patterns and form new, healthier habits.

  • You know that skin issues, immune issues, and allergies are signs you need a detox. 

  • You want to experience a deeper connection to nature and the rhythm of the seasons.

  • You want to change your relationship with food.

Cleansing Made Easy

Ayurveda is known for its effective and deeply nourishing approach to cleansing. We generally cleanse the body of accumulated dosha at the junctures of seasons, in fall and spring. This is an effective method for boosting immunity before the cold and allergy seasons and provides a “reset button” at regular intervals. This ensures the integration of healthy routines in the midst of our ever-evolving lives, thus the “Seasonal Reset”. 

The Ayurvedic cleansing method includes a specific and simple diet composed of three meals per day. No supplements are needed.

You can do it all at home, while maintaining your current responsibilities, and forge new habits to sustain you through the upcoming season along the way!

Ready to explore cleansing? 

The AwakenPeace Seasonal Reset is the perfect introduction to Ayurveda, offering practices for changing diet and lifestyle along with the seasons.

You’ll have the opportunity to get clear on what your specific needs are, and you can customize the cleanse based on your needs. At the end of the Seasonal Reset, you’ll not only understand the benefits and philosophy of seasonal cleansing but more importantly, what your body needs to feel supported in the weeks ahead.

The best part: you don’t have to do it alone! You’ll be guided through each and every step, have the opportunity to ask questions, and be part of a community on the same journey!


Why Spring and Fall?

Allergies, colds, the flu, sore throats, and headaches don’t have to be annual occurrences! 

Ayurveda reminds us that we are most vulnerable to illness during the transition between major seasons. We experience this as most commonly as seasonal colds, sore throats, allergies, and the flu.

As the sun comes out in the spring, the days become longer, and things start to melt. A similar phenomenon occurs in the body. All that excess moisture that we had built up in the winter months is no longer needed. Our bodies—just like the natural world—become wet and murky.
Just like the sap starts moving in the trees, we need to release that extra moisture and drop that extra insulation. If we don’t, it causes congestion and the typical springtime ailments, such as allergies, sinus congestion, and headaches--as well as feeling tired, heavy, and disconnected.

 As the air cools and the autumn winds begin to blow the drying, tired leaves from the trees, the days become shorter, and we begin to experience more dryness and restlessness. A similar phenomenon occurs in the body. All of that excess heat and activity that we had built up in the summer months begins to transition toward something more subtle. Our bodies—just like the natural world—becomes a bit drier—a bit cooler.
Just like the wind starts moving in the trees, we need to release that extra heat and drop the intensity of the longer days that we have generated in the summer months.  If we don’t, it causes a weakening of our digestive system and our immune system, setting us up for colds, restless nights, sinus congestion, and headaches. 
Every Fall we need a time out! We need to soothe and nurture our internal channels so that we can let go of all that we no longer need. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? If we don’t do it, we get lymphatic congestion, which smothers our digestive fire and bogs down those fragile intestinal villi, which are so critical for detoxification and absorbing nutrients. The result is weight gain, low energy, brain fog, feeling of heaviness or restlessness, and all the maladies associated with the fall season such as colds, sore throats, allergies, sinusitis, and the flu. 

What past participants have said

about their experience:

“I've noticed so many changes that seem to be hanging around! I've incorporated new daily self-care practices and I feel really good. Wow!! So, thank you a gazillion times. I've learned sooooo much and am excited to learn more!”

- Kelly D.

"I have learned more during the past 10 days about listening with my body and heart than I've learned in awhile. Even going through the process a bit haphazardly, having a lot going that I couldn't reschedule, and eating.drinking things I should not have, still, today I feel different. Like i have indeed been on and am still on a cleansing/healing journey."

-Cheryl R.

"It's amazing how my orientation to food has changed. I'm definitely craving a lot of things, but if I stay focused on why I invested in this in the first place: it's easy to let go or just indulge minimally & not have that overwhelming guilt feeling."

-Jennifer Y.

Let yourself be guided:

Each day, you'll receive an email with tips and strategies to support you and guide your process.

You'll receive daily journal prompts and guided meditations to support you on this cleansing journey.

You will also have access to a Seasonal Reset Private Discussion Group. Here you'll have space to ask questions, share tips, and celebrate successes with others on the same seasonal journey!

How does it work?

Days 1 through 6: 

The first three days are all about laying the groundwork mentally & emotionally. We prep our environment and mindset for the cleanse. We orient to the process, get a sense of what’s ahead, and join the community! Start by cleaning up: the kitchen and the body. We’ll show you how! Days 4 - 6 is a gentle transition into the cleanse process. This is the easing-in phase.

Days 7 through 11: 
The deep cleanse beings with focus on intentionality, creating ease, and space. You will be well-nourished during these days.

Days 12 through 14: 
Easing out, moving back into "normal" life. Reflection & Celebration.

How does your body ask for a Reset?

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Meet Your Teacher

Patty Hlava has been helping people awaken to their most empowered lives since 2004. As a retired mental health professional with a Ph.D. in psychology, Patty has expanded her ability for healing with additional certifications in transformational coaching, ayurveda, and yoga. Since 2006, Patty’s focus has been on cultivating self-empowerment and self-compassion, sankalpa (intention), and gratitude. Founder of AwakenPeace Healing, Patty offers courses, workshops, and  individual mentoring services.