The Seasonal Reset

Awaken to your natural rhythms and transition through the seasons with ease.

The AwakenPeace Seasonal Reset is An Ayurveda Cleanse to Renew the Body and Refresh the Mind. It welcomes you to take a break from the chaos and busyness and release the heaviness of the past season and clear space for the new.


The Seasonal Reset allows you to release what you don't need so that you can return to heart of who you are and how you want to feel.


The Seasonal Reset with Dr. Patty Hlava is a guided, 2-week program that walks you through the process of an Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse.  It welcomes you to take a break from the chaos and busyness and release the heaviness of the past season and clear space for the new.In this program, you will:

  • change your relationship with food

  • improve your digestion

  • increase your mental clarity

  • stabilize your energy

  • gain an understanding of your unique constitution

  • develop insight into patterns that keep you stuck

  • learn strategies to overcome self-sabotage patterns

At the close of this program, you will understand how you can live in alignment with the seasons to best support your health throughout the upcoming seasons. You will also have reflection practices and resources to look back on and use to support you on your journey.

Join Patty each spring and fallto be guided andnourished in a supportive, online community cleanse experience from the comfort of your own home!

Dates: October 4th through the 17th, 2020

Why Reset?

  • You know our modern pace requires slowing down and pausing for balance.

  • You want to rid yourself of physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins in the body.

  • You want to avoid burnout and gain more energy, clarity, & vitality.

  • You want to change old patterns and form new, healthier habits.

  • You know that skin issues, immune issues, and allergies are signs you need a detox. 

  • You want to experience a deeper connection to nature and the rhythm of the seasons.

  • You want to change your relationship with food.


Cleansing Made Easy

Ayurveda is known for its effective and deeply nourishing approach to cleansing. We generally cleanse the body of accumulated dosha at the junctures of seasons, in fall and spring. This is an effective method for boosting immunity before the cold and allergy seasons, as well as providing a “reset button” at regular intervals to ensure the integration of healthy routines in the midst of our ever-evolving lives, thus the “Seasonal Reset”. 
The Ayurvedic cleansing method includes a specific and simple diet composed of three meals per day. No supplements are needed.

You can do it all at home, maintain your responsibilities, and forge new habits to sustain you through the upcoming season along the way!

Ready to explore cleansing? 

The AwakenPeace Seasonal Reset is the perfect introduction to Ayurveda, offering practices for changing diet and lifestyle along with the seasons.

You’ll have the opportunity to get clear on what your specific needs are, and to customize the cleanse based on your needs. At the end of the Seasonal Reset, you’ll understand not only the benefits and philosophy of seasonal cleansing but what your body needs to feel supported in the weeks ahead.

The best part: you don’t have to do it alone! You’ll be guided through each and every step, have the opportunity to ask questions, and be part of a community on the same journey!




Why Spring and Fall?


Allergies, colds, the flu, sore throats, and headaches don’t have to be annual occurrences! 


Ayurveda reminds us that we are most vulnerable to illness during the transition between major seasons. We experience this as most commonly as seasonal colds, sore throats, allergies, and the flu.

As the sun comes out in the spring, the days become longer, and things start to melt. A similar phenomenon occurs in the body. All that excess moisture that we had built up in the winter months is no longer needed. Our bodies—just like the natural world—become wet and murky.
Just like the sap starts moving in the trees, we need to release that extra moisture and drop that extra insulation. If we don’t, it causes congestion and the typical springtime ailments, such as allergies, sinus congestion, and headaches--as well as feeling tired, heavy, and disconnected.


As the air cools and the autumn winds begin to blow the drying, tired leaves from the trees, the days become shorter, and we begin to experience more dryness and restlessness. A similar phenomenon occurs in the body. All of that excess heat and activity that we had built up in the summer months begins to transition toward something more subtle. Our bodies—just like the natural world—becomes a bit drier—a bit cooler.
Just like the wind starts moving in the trees, we need to release that extra heat and drop the intensity of the longer days that we have generated in the summer months.  If we don’t, it causes a weakening of our digestive system and our immune system, setting us up for colds, restless nights, sinus congestion, and headaches. 
Every Fall we need a time out! We need to soothe and nurture our internal channels so that we can let go of all that we no longer need. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? If we don’t do it, we get lymphatic congestion, which smothers our digestive fire and bogs down those fragile intestinal villi, which are so critical for detoxification and absorbing nutrients. The result is weight gain, low energy, brain fog, feeling of heaviness or restlessness, and all the maladies associated with the fall season such as colds, sore throats, allergies, sinusitis, and the flu. 

What past participants have said about their experience:

“I've noticed so many changes that seem to be hanging around! I've incorporated new daily self-care practices and I feel really good. Wow!! So, thank you a gazillion times. I've learned sooooo much and am excited to learn more!”

-Kelly D. 

How we connect:

Each week, we'll connect in community via Zoom teleconference. 

If you can't attend the live calls, no need to worry! The calls are recorded, so you can watch the replay at a time that works best for you.

You will be part of the Seasonal Reset Private Discussion Group. Here you'll have space to ask questions, share tips, and celebrate successes with others on the same seasonal journey!


How does it work?


Days 1 through 6: 
Let’s get ready. Prepping our environment and mindset for the cleanse. Orient to the process, get a sense of what’s ahead, and join the community! Start by cleaning up: the kitchen and the body. We’ll show you how!


Days 7 through 11: 
The deep cleanse beings with focus on intentionality, creating ease, and space. You will be well-nourished during these days.


Days 12 through 14: 
Easing out, moving back into "normal" life. Reflection & Celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods does the cleanse focus on or eliminate?

The Seasonal Reset focuses on adding in nutrients, enzymes, and prana through whole, plant-based foods and spices. These include grains, vegetables, and legumes. Your intuition will become awakened through the course focus that guides you towards these foods in the right quantity and diversity for your constitution.

The Seasonal Reset is somewhat unique to each member, depending on your experience and your goals, although the general structure is the same for all. The course awakens the part of yourself that knows better (smart self or higher self). You naturally end up eliminating that which is no longer serving you or keeping you stuck in old patterns. Frequently, connections are made between mental patterns, emotional patterns, and cravings.

The Seasonal Reset attunes you to seasonal eating so as you emerge, you crave the things that are seasonal, local, and good for your constitution. You peel the layers (physical, mental, emotional) away and awaken to more vitality on all levels. The desire to keep your body clear and open is natural.

Do you supply the recipes?

Yes. You will receive recipes for the entire cleanse process. These recipes offer plenty of options, ideas, and choices, and are appropriate for any diet. I recommend that you use only a few of the recipes and simplify your food choices during the cleanse. Please experiment and create new recipes using your own combinations of the cleanse foods.

What will I eat?

You will receive an online recipe book when you sign up. There are plenty of options, ideas, and choices—but not so many as to overwhelm you,
The Seasonal Reset is not only about food, it’s much more about awakening your intuition to evolve your food body and to clear out old mental and emotional patterns around food.

For someone who is currently eating processed foods, the Seasonal Reset will be a transition from processed foods (foods in boxes, cartons, frozen, or canned) to meals including whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, sprouts, and whole cooked grains.

For all of us, the cleanse is a time to refine or refresh our kitchens, our kitchen practices, and our routines around our food body.

What else is the cleanse about if it’s not just about food?

In addition to mindful and intuitive eating, the cleanse involves taking retreat in your home and in your daily life. Many people wish they could stop working or have fewer of their normal responsibilities during the cleanse. While we know this isn’t necessarily possible, we experience with ways to simplify during this period of time to give our whole body, mind, and spirit a time to recharge and transition to the new season.

The Seasonal Reset views our daily lives and work lives as gifts. Learning to retreat within the busy-ness of life and the change of seasons will instill a life-changing upgrade for the season to come and your entire lifetime! This is achieved through incorporating daily self-care techniques that detoxify the body and nourish and nurture the soul. These skills will last and enhance for a lifetime.

What can I expect to eat on the typical day?

The cleanse is different for each person. Each person will have a unique experience with the process physically, as well as mentally and emotionally. The diet will be simple and nurturing. The deep cleanse portion of the cleanse (one to five days) is referred to as a “monodiet”, where you will be eating the same cooked meal for all meals throughout the day. The purpose is to feel nourished—not depleted.

Do I need a juicer to participate?


I overeat. Will I be able to handle the Seasonal Reset?

Many people have lost weight during the Seasonal Reset and not struggled with cravings due to the huge emphasis on better self-care rituals and daily habits that we learn in the Seasonal Reset. The emphasis isn't on weight loss—it’s on self-care and reconnecting with intuition with our cells to make choices in sync with our higher nature.

What changes in my life can I expect from doing the Seasonal Reset?

What I hear the most is, “Everything gets better!” This is due to the systemic nature of toxins (ama) that creates dis-ease, low energy, and inner-body confusion/stress. The anti-inflammatory nature of the Seasonal Reset coupled with the lymphatic cleansing clears out joint pain and mucus. For those who complete the full cleanse often notice that after 10-15 days, your skin and eyes will tend to clear and glow.

What are the long-term benefits?

Many! Increased energy, better sleep, stress reduction, lifelong self-care practices, and more! The most common feedback I receive from past Seasonal Reset clients is a higher level of understanding of how to take care of and heal their own bodies in ways they can share with their families and loved ones. These are skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. These fundamental practices are part of the traditional Ayurvedic routine or dinacharya. We take time during the cleanse to learn these practices and they simply become a part of daily life.

Will I have to quit coffee?

Maybe! (laughter) And don’t let that deter you. For a period of time during the cleanse, you will experience natural energy in addition to resting and rejuvenating your adrenal glands and our kidneys. Cleansing often reduces or completely removes the craving for caffeine. Cleansing almost always creates a new respect for the body’s ability to create it’s own natural energy without any side effects or reliance on a stimulant. It is rare for a person to return to normal consumption of caffeine after cleansing.

Can I continue my regular exercise program during the cleanse?

Maybe, although you may find yourself shifting it a bit as you progress through the cleanse. Some people have more energy and want more exercise than normal during the cleanse. This is typical of Kapha body types. Vata types generally find they are drawn to more nourishing activities like walking and yoga. Pittas may go either way, though in general their drive keeps them quite active.

I find that cleansing initiates a more reflective quality of the mind and the desire to train hard is replaced by a desire to simply be. Most people who have a race after a cleanse find themselves strong and ready despite having trained less during the cleanse. This would be due to having less ama (toxins) in their body and mind, and being more in the zone and more deeply nourished for the task at hand.

Will the foods during the cleanse cost a lot of money?

Most people save money during the cleanse, because the cost of whole foods is generally less than that of pre-packaged foods. You can get everything locally, with an option to order some of the items online.

Is this a raw foods cleanse?

No. In this cleanse, all of the food is prepared cooked, with a high water content for supporting ease in digestion.

Is it difficult to cleanse?

No, especially if you invest your attention in what we're doing in the course. You'll create time to align your body, your habits, and your rhythms.

I'll encourage you to follow your intuition and point your awareness into self-care and nourishing practices that will enhance and support the food aspect of the cleanse.

Your natural desire to choose the right foods and recipes will get stronger as you enter the cleanse. Also, rely on the support of live weekly calls, the online discussion forum, and assistance from myself.

The main purpose of the Seasonal Reset is to simply awaken your intuition regarding self-care, food, and daily routines so that you can raise the consciousness of the cells of your body to the next level of your potential.

What if I cannot attend the call?

These calls are recorded. The links will be posted in the private Facebook group for you to listen to at a time that works best for you.

I don’t live near you. How do students feel connected with you in the Seasonal Reset online course?

I’m very skillful in building a field of energy around my courses than transcends the space between us. If you are active in the course, you will feel the connection and transmission and it will bolster your connection in your body to a new level. You’ll also feel like you know me, because you will.

Will I learn more about Ayurveda?

Yes! You'll learn about your constitution (doshas), your digestion (agni), your immune system (ojas) and more.

Will the Seasonal Reset help my meditation practice?

Yes. Members are also strongly encouraged to meditate first thing in the morning or just before bed for at least 5-10 minutes, depending on your routine. Meditation helps draw energy inward as well as creating time for assimilation.

Cleansing takes great energy. Inward focus is critical during cleansing to give the body time to understand and adjust to changes. When our energy is constantly extroverted, we feel irritable, frustrated, grumpy, cranky, etc.

Creating even just a few minutes a day for self-care and meditation acts like a reset button, allowing the cleansing effects of the day to sink deeper into the cells.
It introverts our awareness and awakens a new depth of detoxification, integration, and healing. Meditation can also calm the fears, anxieties, and worries around food cravings, changes in daily routines, and expectations for the future. It also alleviates depression.

I smoke and want to quit. Will the Seasonal Reset help me?

Yes, the cleanse can help. For smokers looking to cleanse, instead of just trying to quit, and putting a lot of strain on your system, I’ll invite you to simply start adding in better self-care habits. This way the outdated habits will dissipate on their own, without provoking an internal war.

You are on the right track. The key is in learning the self-care of cleansing and detoxifying your body, which is the focus of the Seasonal Reset.

I take medication regularly can I still cleanse and what should I do about taking my medicine?

Yes, you can still participate. You can stay on your medication unless your doctor suggests otherwise. You might find there is much power in taking a very proactive approach approach to your health, while maintaining your medication and cleansing.

Can I work during the cleanse?

In a perfect world, we would all go away on retreat to deeply cleanse and release all responsibility. In creating the Seasonal Reset, I assume most of us will keep working, and that some of us have children or parents that come first in our lives.

I give you timesaving tips to maximize your alone time. While it is common to experience dips and high points during the cleanse, the end result is an increase in energy.

I’m an athlete; can I continue my workout regime and keep preparing for my race?

Yes. I do not recommend having a competition during the cleanse because one of the purposes of cleansing is to move energy internally rather than externally. However, normal physical activity can be a part of the cleanse and a lightened training schedule is also appropriate.

The body is able to eliminate toxins and increase nutrient absorption and energy production during the cleanse. This creates overall increased efficiency in all activities. These same benefits will apply to post-cleanse competitions.


Meet Your Teacher

Patty Hlava has been helping people awaken to their most empowered lives since 2004. As a retired mental health professional with a Ph.D. in psychology, Patty has expanded her ability for healing with additional certifications in transformational coaching, ayurveda, and yoga. Since 2006, Patty’s focus has been on cultivating self-empowerment and self-compassion, sankalpa (intention), and gratitude. Founder of AwakenPeace Healing, Patty offers online group coaching programs, workshops, and classes.