harness the power of intention to ignite your spirit

Sankalpa Cards deck by AwakenPeace.

These 84 intentions were written to inspire your body, mind, and spirit. Organized around the five elemental chakras, the Sankalpa Cards address all aspects of your experience as a complete human.

The 15-page companion book introduces the yogic concept of Sankalpa, describes the qualities of the five elemental chakras, and includes instructions for an embodied practice with the deck.

Perfect for self-reflection, meditation instructors, health consultants, & Ayurvedic practitioners.



san - a connection to the highest truth
kalpa - vow, ultimate rule, commitment

A sankalpa is a guiding principle, an intention drawn forward from the heart that serves as a driving and motivating force. It is a vow of truth to yourSelf that guides you into living in alignment with your purpose. ​

When you use a Sankalpa, you harness the power of intention so that you can thrive and live a meaningful life. ​

Sankalpa plants a seed in our subconscious, which speaks to our body on a cellular level. The body believes everything the mind thinks, whether a useless and sticky rut or the deepest desire of our spirit. The more we have a thought, belief, or action, the deeper that rut becomes.

Use this deck to connect with universal intentions of the Human Spirit and invite your heart and spirit to guide you toward your deeper desires in life.


We organized this deck around the first five chakras because the use of Sankalpa is a whole-body practice. This structure provides a foundation to help you check-in and address all aspects of your experience as a complete human being.

Each of the five elemental chakras corresponds with facets of your somatic and energetic physiology, the five senses, the Ayurveda doshas, as well as your overall emotion-experiences.

As such, the elemental chakras lend themselves beautifully to the practice of Sankalpa, providing you with great insights as to where the greatest need balance may reside.



An Inspired Collaboration with Moxie Malas

Carry a reminder of your Sankalpa with you throughout your day with these unique bracelets created by Moxie Malas. Inspired by the elemental chakras and Sankalpa Card deck, these bracelets were designed to support your practice.