• Dr. Patty Hlava

Travel Tips To Keep You Healthy During Your Next Adventure

On my way to Mexico!

Traveling, particularly air travel is tough on the body. We’re quite literally ungrounded. The air is dry, it’s cold, and it’s unpredictable. All of these are qualities of Vata dosha, the energy of Air & Space elements.

How to help keep your body balanced?

Here Are My Travel Essentials:

Argon Oil: Nice & dense, very hydrating. I use it on my hands and it feels amazing! A beautifully grounding oil.

Nasya Oil: Oil for the nose. Massage a few drops into each nostril. This keeps the nasal passages moist, AND helps soothe the nervous system.

Hydrosol Spray: Spray directly onto skin to keep skin moisturized. I like using one with lavender essential oils. It’s soothing to the skin, and also grounding to the nervous system.

Water: The most important thing you can do while flying is to stay hydrated. This means saying no to the dry snacks on the plane such as peanuts, pretzels, or crackers. They have the same qualities as Vata, and increase that dry, ungrounded feeling, and can even increase experiences of constipation while traveling. Opt instead for some raisins (preferably soaked), or something warm and well-cooked, making it easier to digest.

A Good Book: Always an added gift while traveling to keep focus. Screens also increase Vata dosha, so spending the flight on a phone or tablet will likely leave you feeling more restless and unfocused when you do touch the ground.

Airplane survival kit.

Once on the ground, take in a big breath, look around at your new surroundings and really feel your feet on the ground.

Be gentle with yourself and enjoy your experience, wherever you may be! 😊

Feeling my feet on the ground...

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