• Dr. Patty Hlava

Tips To Start Your New Year Right!

With the new year approaching, so is the tradition of setting New Year Resolutions. Here are some tips to make resolutions that work for you—and that stick!

Start by reflecting on your past year, and writing down your achievements from 2019. Celebrate these.

Consider how you want to feel at the end of 2020. Feel it in your body and write down one word to describe that feeling.

NOW….consider what practices will help support that feeling.

  1. Set your intention focusing on a feeling

  2. Create a vision board

  3. Write in your journal

  4. Commit to one small action daily

  5. Pair your new action with something you already to every day

  6. Invite flexibility (Let go of all-or-nothing thinking and adjust your goals as needed)

  7. Make it public—tell people your plan, and invite accountability

  8. Celebrate small wins

  9. Schedule regular weekly/monthly check-ins

  10. Invest in your vision: hire a coach/mentor, take a class, join a group that shares the energy of your vision

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