• Dr. Patty Hlava

Five Tips to Boost Your Immune System and Avoid the Coronavirus

My husband came home from work yesterday saying that he would be working from home “indefinitely” due to the coronavirus. His entire company is requesting that any employee that can work remotely do so, to help support a healthy environment and community.

While avoiding contact with potential carriers is one way to avoid catching a virus, it can leave us feeling a little powerless. What can you do while in your personal quarantine? Give your body some extra support is to boost your immunity!

In addition to following the guidelines for preventing the spread of a virus, Ayurveda offers some great strategies for strengthening your immune system and preventing disease. The stronger your immune system, the more likely you are to avoid contracting illnesses—including the Coronovirus!

Here are 5 daily home practices that you can do to help boost your immunity and protect your body from viruses:


This very simple practice can do wonders for your immune system. Drinking up to 4 cups (2 good-sized coffee mugs) of room temperature to tea-hot water right when you wake up helps to hydrate your tissues and flush out all of the toxins that have built up over night.


Scraping your tongue in the morning not only removes unwanted bacteria from the surface of your tongue. The practice take a few seconds and offers a great boost to your health. For best results, use a metal tongue scraper like this one to cover the full surface of the tongue in one stroke.


Putting oil in your nose not only lubricates your nasal passages, it also helps protect the body from absorbing airborne material, including histamines (allergy triggers) and potential viruses. You can purchase a nose oil like this one from Banyan Botanicals, or you can simply use a cold-pressed sesame oil from the grocery store.


Our best defense against illness is body that is well rested. Circadian science (and Ayurveda) tells us that our body does most of its detoxification while we sleep, particularly between the hours of 10:00pm and 2:00am. To give your immune system a boost, start winding down for bed early and get to bed before 10:00.


This may seem out of place here, yet its actually quite powerful. As a multi-dimensional being, you can’t separate our emotions from our body. You body naturally responds to what you feel. If you spend a lot of time in anxiety, worry, anger, and resentment, your body will feel tension. Your blood vessels will contract, your heart rate will elevate, and your digestion will slow down, limiting the nutrients you can absorb from your food. This state of being dampens and weakens your immune system.

Practicing gratitude—noticing and appreciating what is working in your life, and the moments of joy, connection, and abundance that are present even when a lot of other things may not be perfect, can produce a powerful shift in our experience of well-being. Your breathing deepens, your muscles soften, your mind slows down, and your immune system gets a well-deserved boost.


Give your body simple foods for a while. Think soups, stews, and one-pot meals. The more you can steer away from processed foods, heavy meals, fried foods, alcohol, and sugary foods, the more your immune system can focus on recharging.

For more support around boosting your immunity, check out the upcoming AwakenPeace Seasonal Reset.

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