• Dr. Patty Hlava


Check out this little lady! She emerged from her chrysalis just a few hours ago, completing the final stage of her metamorphosis. We use butterfly metaphors a lot in our culture! Going through difficult times or a period of hibernation before emerging as a stronger version of ourselves is a common story. But today, with our little AwakenPeace pet, we noticed something else about this story - something beautiful, and not often mentioned in the analogy. We tend to love to hear the “final product” stage of the butterfly story. Who wouldn’t want to be the transformed, vibrant being that emerges at the end? At the same time, taking a closer look at this little one shows a more complex story. Though she emerged today with bright colors and enthusiasm to get moving outside, she’s still quite fragile. She was a bit clumsy and hung around on this flower for a long while. Her wings are still new and require caution. And she has a long journey ahead of her if she’s going to move south before the brutal Minnesota winter arrives. Wherever you are on your transformational journey, know that it’s okay to still need support. Find a flower of your own in your life - maybe a call to a friend, some time to yourself, or just the intention to give yourself some nurturance - and soak up all of the nourishment you can before you move forward.

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