• Dr. Patty Hlava

11 Tips for Sinus Care

Here are some easy, at-home tips to keep your sinuses clear this winter! If you're already experiencing discomfort and congestion, give a few of these methods a try to get back to 100%!

Remember, you don't have to participate in the "cold/flu season" this year.

  1. Sip on warm water with a slice of ginger

  2. Move your body 20 minutes in the morning before breakfast

  3. Avoid/minimize dairy

  4. Eat warm, well-cooked foods, with emphasis on leafy greens

  5. Use ginger and other warming spices generously

  6. Neti pot

  7. Nasya oil

  8. Eat an earlier, light dinner

  9. Eat a satisfying and nourishing lunch

  10. Avoid snacking throughout the day

  11. Kapalabhati breathing

What do you do to help clear sinus congestion?

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