Anandamaya Fall Retreat

September 23 - 26, 2021


Fall is a season to come home to ourselves—to the center of our being where we can experience a sense of ease, flow, and clarity. This is the quality of inner peace, and it’s also our theme for the weekend: the Anandamaya Retreat. 

Anadamaya translates to mean, “consisting of bliss,” or a steady and easeful state of being.  It’s also an element of our energetic anatomy. This weekend retreat invites you to connect with yourself through the koshas, the energetic sheaths of our body and open to the sweetness of life.

Join us in a 6,000 square foot cabin on the shores of Lake Mille Lacs just over an hour's drive from the Twin Cities. 

You will be nourished by nature, community, alone time, and hand-crafted meals prepared by Ayurvedic Chef and Culinary Herbalist, Betsy Nelson…and you’ll have the option to learn the Yoga of Cooking through participation in the creation of meals! 

You’ll have opportunities to participate in guided practices including gentle yoga, meditation, and group activities designed to unveil each of the koshas, moving you into a more profound connection with yourself. 

Come as you are.

Leave refreshed, rejuvenated, and grounded in who you are. 





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